Packaging Line

Pack Line Components:

  • Capper
  • Check Weigher
  • Induction Sealer
  • Ink-Jet Printer
  • Case Erector
  • Case Checkweigher
  • Palletizer
  • Stretch Wrapper

Packaging Filler

Rotary Filler

Our Rotary Filler can handle bottle sizes from 1/2 gallon bottles to 2 /1/2 gallon jugs. This is a “net weight” filler with independent weigh scales for accurate & repeatable fill levels.

  • 6-Head Inline Volumetric Filler
  • Tote Filling

Drum Filler

Our Drum Filler can handle sizes from 5 gallon jugs to 55 gallon drums.

Liquid Filler

We have 2 liquid lines for filling.