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The team at AgraForm has decades of experience with emulsions in water with your formulations. We offer contract manufacturing services specializing in bulk formulation and storage of pesticides, fungicides, and other agrichemicals.

Emulsion in water formulations can be utilized as effective pesticide delivery systems in the agricultural industry and we have the capability to formulate and package your custom product emulsions. These processes are usually executed with a high shear process and stabilized with a thickening agent (or hydro-colloids) to ensure long term product stability. Our numerous formulation lines allow us to concurrently produce multiple formulations at once allowing for greater flexibility of your scheduling and delivery needs.

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Water Emulsion FAQ's

Emulsification is a key process used to produce a wide array of lucrative consumer products. Generally, an emulsion is a viscous, uniform substance created from two otherwise immiscible liquids — typically oil and water — and a third component, which facilitates mixing. This component is known as an emulsifying agent, or an emulgent.

Some typical components of an Emulsion are active ingredient(s), emulsifiers, antifreeze, antifoam, thickener(s), biocides and water.

Emulsions are suitable for liquid active ingredients and for low melting point actives which cannot be formulated under a suspension concentrate (SC) form.

If you have a lab formulation and want to start scaling up to full manufacturing or you are looking for additional production capacity, now is the time to reach out to AgraForm. Simply Call (314) 353-5325 or fill out our contact form and one of our process experts will get in-touch with you by the next business day.

We offer agri-chem manufacturers turnkey bulk formulation and scale-up services for emulsions including product formulation, milling & grinding, spray drying, packaging and shipment.