Process Formulation Services

We offer process formulation services to agriculture companies who continually develop, design and distribute chemical products that improve the quality of our lives. You’ve invested the capital to ensure the safety, performance and quality of your products.

We formulate those products to the most strict formulation manufacturing specifications, ensuring the highest quality performance, so your customers enjoy the full value of your product.

Our advanced formulation plant and manufacturing facilities deliver reliable, consistent production, so you can focus on what you do best — creating excellent products.

Formulation Plant Equipment & Capabilities

  • Plant – A robust, 20,000+ sq. ft. formulation and packaging building, at your service
  • Blending & Milling – five (5) separate trains for production flexibility. Equipment includes
    • 8 Charging/Milling tanks with ~5k gallon batch capabilities
    • 1500-3000 gallon batches can be run for Qualification or EO runs
    • Siefer Mills (pre-grinder)
    • 200 liter Dyno Mills
    • 280 liter Dyno Mills
  • On-site Spray Drying
  • Packaging Services
  • Bulk Storage
  • Pilot Mill for Qualification Testing

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Formulation Lab

Formulation Manufacturing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Find a formulation services provider, or set of providers for due diligence, and begin requesting quotes. As manufacturing specialists, formulation service providers should be able to guide you through the process.

At AgraForm, we provide the infrastructure, personnel and technical expertise to deliver quality manufacturing. With our central location in St. Louis, Missouri, we offer direct access to air, road, and rail transportation for rapid delivery and a lean supply chain.

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Formulation services are a specific type of product development. The term is relevant in the chemicals industry and beyond, and refers to the process of manufacturing chemical products through an expert, third-party manufacturing facility. Formulation encompasses product preparation, development, generation, composition, conceptualization and formation, among other elements.

A formulation plant is a facility dedicated specifically to manufacturing products, such as chemicals, for brands that do not want to manage the entire manufacturing process at their own plants or simply require an expert in formulation and manufacturing.

The cost of formulation services varies considerably, depending on the product manufactured, batch requirements, process specifications and requirements for equipment and space that your formulation plant must meet. Contact AgraForm today for a complementary price quote, and we will walk you through all the elements that go into pricing.