Contract Manufacturing Services

Scale up of chemical processes, process formulation, particle sizing, and contract packaging for the agricultural industry.

Process Formulation

Our process formulation plant and manufacturing facilities deliver reliable and consistent production. Learn more here.

Particle Sizing

Tightly controlled wet milling and particle size reduction optimizes efficacy and product performance.

Tank Farm Services

We have more than half a million (500,000) gallons of tank containment for finish product and raw material storage. Learn more here.

Quality Assurance Services

Manufacturing excellence is achieved through stringent QA practices and protocols. Learn more here.

Bulk Formulation

Our 20,000+ sq. ft. bulk formulation facility includes processing, blending, and milling production capabilities. Lean more here.

Spray Drying

Our spray dryer is a 60 ft. gas-fired co-current atomization spray tower. Lean more here.

Contract Packaging

A variety of post formulated packaging options for increased economics and flexibility. Lean more here.

Pilot Milling and Spray Drying Services

Our R&D pilot tower and pilot mills are available for research and development testing. Learn more here.