Tank Farm Services

Serving chemical and biochem producers nationwide, we provide not only manufacturing but also comprehensive chemical storage warehouses through our extensive tank farm. Whether you’re simply looking for reliable biochem or chemical storage companies or you need a combination of storage, formulation, spray drying and other chemical services, AgraForm is a trusted partner for your specific needs.

Our Tank Farm Services and Bulk Storage Tanks

  • Bulk Storage Tanks – We have more than half a million (500,000) gallons of tank containment for finish product and raw material storage. This allows us to provide on-demand delivery as your sales orders develop. You get just-in-time (JIT) delivery to help you save time, money and inventory costs.
  • Liquids Packaging & Distribution Options 
    • Tractor Trailers
    • Totes
    • Drums
    • Consumer packages ranging from .5 to 2.5-gallon containers
    • Dry Packaging Options
  • Additional Bulk Storage Capacity – In addition to our tank farm storage capacity, we can provide up to 60,000 pounds of bulk storage in our secondary packaging bin, which we can make available to you.

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From our massive manufacturing facilities and warehouses in St. Louis, Missouri, we offer convenient and crucial chemical storage. Centrally located to deliver anywhere in the continental U.S., we combine bulk chemical storage with all the advantages of a major logistics hub.

With a decade in business, extensive tank farm storage capacity and all the equipment to deliver end-to-end manufacturing, we are a trusted resource for tank farm services.

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Our Tank Farm

Tank Farm FAQ's

A tank farm is an industrial storage facility specifically designed to hold chemicals. It provides tanks, either above ground or below ground, and is often equipped to accommodate

The cost of chemical warehouse services varies depending on the bulk amount of chemicals being stored, the type of chemical being stored and any hazards they may present. Contact AgraForm for a complementary price quote.