Contract Packaging Services

AgraForm is a trusted contract packaging company partner for chemical producers across the U.S. We add value to our packaging services with end-to-end contract manufacturing, providing everything from bulk formulation to particle size reduction, spray drying, bulk storage, and more to help get your chemical products to market. Every process is delivered to the tightest quality standards, utilizing control, manufacturing and packaging technologies for a smoother production cycle.

Like our manufacturing processes, our contract packaging services are robust and closely monitored, ensuring reliability in your product packaging. We act as a steady extension of your company, helping you consistently meet all of your packaging requirements. We handle inventory management and control, printing and component production, package assembly & fulfillment and warehousing & distribution.

Whether you need to hit a fast-track timeline, produce high-volumes, or manage a complex packaging process — we’ll master the project and meet every demand.

Our Contract Packaging Equipment

When it comes to contract packaging, we’ve invested in versatile equipment and developed efficient packaging processes, allowing us to provide an extensive variety of packaging options with exceptional value.

  • Rotary Filler – Our Rotary Filler can handle bottle sizes from .5-gallon bottles to 2.5-gallon jugs. This is a net weight filler with independent weigh scales for accurate, repeatable fill levels.
  • Consumer Packaging Line – Our Packaging Line has a standard configuration plus an additional Machine Vision System for label verification. Pack Line Components:
    • Check Weigher
    • Induction Sealer
    • Ink-jet Printer
    • Case Erector
    • Case Checkweigher
    • Palletizer
    • Stretch Wrapper
  • Drum Fill Station – Our Drum Filler can handle sizes from 5-gallon jugs to 55-gallon drums.
  • Liquids Packaging & Distribution Options:
    • Tractor Trailers
    • Totes
    • Drums
    • Consumer packages ranging from .5 to 2.5-gallon containers

Add Logistical Superiority to Your Packaging Supply Chain

From our facilities and warehouses in St. Louis, Missouri, we combine our formulation manufacturing and contract packaging services with all the advantages of being in a major logistics hub. Our centrally located facilities enable fast-track delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.

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Chemical Contract Packaging FAQ's

Contract Packaging, or Co-Packing, is the process of assembling products into their finished packaging. Depending on the product, the final packaging may come in a variety of forms. Contract packagers can handle simple elements, such as adding barcode stickers or in-depth processes, including planning, producing and fulfilling your packages.

Contract packaging companies are expressly set up to handle the packaging process, including handling fast turnarounds and high-volume runs with specialty equipment. Contract packaging companies also provide a high level of expertise in provide in-house specialists. This combination of advantages often makes it far more efficient, cost-effective and guaranteed in quality to work with a contract packaging partner as opposed to managing packaging in-house.

The cost of chemical warehouse services varies depending on the bulk amount of chemicals being stored, the type of chemical being stored and any hazards they may present. Contact AgraForm for a complementary price quote.