Formulation Technologies

Your Formulation Specialist

AgraForm, L.L.C. provides top level formulation technologies for your products.

Water Emulsions

AgraForm offers expert Water Emulsion services to meet your manufacturing needs. These emulsions can be utilized as effective delivery systems in Agriculture product formulations.

Dry Flowables

Dry Flowables require precision agitation and formulation plants that can handle their abrasive nature. AgraForm, L.L.C. was built to formulate your DF products and even package them before shipping.

Suspension Concentrates

(SC)’s provide many benefits for your product, including an absence of dust, ease of use and effectiveness in application when compared to other types of formulations.

Water-Dispersible Granules

WDG’s share many of the same advantages and disadvantages of wettable powders but provide extra benefits to applicators and are more easily measured and mixed.

AgraForm L.L.C. Formulation & Packaging Services