The spray drying process is a way to produce a dry powder from a slurry or liquid by rapidly drying it.  It’s a preferred manufacturing method as it allows for very consistent and fine particle sizes and works well with heat-sensitive materials.  Air and nitrogen are typically used during the drying process, depending on the materials in production.

Serving chemical producers nationwide from our state-of-the-art facilities in St. Louis, Missouri; AgraForm is one of the most trusted contract spray drying companies in America.

Our Spray Drying Process, Equipment & Capabilities

With an average daily production rate of more than 30,000 pounds, we offer the capacity, efficiency and equipment to get the job done no matter how big.

Spray Dryer

  • Our Spray Dryer is a 60 ft. gas-fired co-current atomization tower
  • It’s combined with a secondary fluid bed dryer for additional drying/cooling
  • Average daily production rate: 30k LBS/Day

Dry Granule Packaging Options

  • Super Sacks
  • Drums
  • Bottles
  • Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Bags

Bulk Storage Capacity

We also have a 60,000 pound bulk storage capacity available in our secondary packaging bin.

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Contract spray drying services is just one of the complete, end-to-end manufacturing services we provide. Whether you simply need a contract spray drying company or a more robust manufacturing partner, we can help. With a decade in business, state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous process control, we’ll get the job done. Day in and day out.

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Our Spray Drying Tower